The Male Nude by Ben Law

Most of his work contains studies of the male nude, portraits or double portraits. The most interesting works are the action series, where one figure is shown in multiple stages, like in the blue painting where a guy takes of his underwear. Most of the attractiveness of his work comes from his virtuosity with aquarelle pencils, a technique that mixes the accuracy of a pencil with the spontaneous touch of the aquarelle.

The soft colored nudes of Ben Law have a very positive, sensual atmosphere, without getting to explicit, or confronting. A few works do show everything in full glory though, makes me wonder why males seem to be so much more ‘naked’ if you compare them with the female nude. His style is best described as suggestive and sensitive, a great combination with the technique he uses.

His models are mostly athletic build males, students, builders and occasionally a porn star, happy to show their wares to the rest of the world.


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