Erotic Male Nudes by Drasko Bogdanovic

There are two different feelings in the male nude photography of Drasko Bogdanovic. In one, he is able to capture his male subjects in seemingly private and personal moments, and in the other his models engage directly with the camera in a flirtatious and suggestive way. In both cases however, his imagery is exciting, erotic, and very masculine.

Bogdanovic flirts between more abstract studio-style portraits and more full bodied location-based images. To me, this diversity of expression, his lack of dedication to one specific style or type of image makes his art more versatile and expressive. It also conveys a personal passion for all aspects of his chosen subject. Through his eyes, the viewer can explore various aspects of male sexuality, from the visual to the visceral.

Male sexuality can be a difficult thing to capture and a difficult subject to display. Because men are more stereotypically ‘visual’, there is frequently an association of homosexuality whenever male sexuality is explored, as if other males would be the only other ones looking. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a man objectifying the physical beauty or sexuality of another man, just as there is nothing wrong when the gender roles are reversed. And importantly, there is nothing wrong with a woman enjoying the physical site of a man. Still, as comfortable as society has become with exploring and exploiting imagery of female sexuality, I find that male sexuality, as being an object of desire, is somehow less accepted. How does one get around this problem? Well, I think by looking at it more of course! And Bogdanovic’s work is a good and engaging place to start.

Article by Kayla

Website of Drasko Bogdanovic


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