Erotic poetry

The Art of Love is mainly devoted to visual erotica. Erotic poetry or erotic stories are hardly mentioned unless they have an interesting visual implementation in one way or an other.

Today I stumbled on this short film, where an erotic poem is visualized, the images are quite tame, but the poem itself is quite heavy and highly erotic.

The film, together with the music, is building up a tense, charged, background for the dialogs, nothing more, nothing less. It’s mainly a man and a woman talking, telling their side of the experience, with some body shots here and there.

deep inside of me” and his reaction “I’m fucking you, I’m fucking you every minute of every day, ploughing in to the deepest belly of the sleeping giant”.

The movie and poem are created by Caeser Pink & Simmy Mackhijani, if you have more information, or other examples of poetry on film, please let me know here.

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