Impossible Love – short movies

Their work is a visual exploration of the human psyche and it’s capability to communicate with itself, other people and it’s environment. In their short films, like “Impossible Love” and “Impossible Garden”, we see naked figures touching, searching and interacting in a minimalistic white decor.

Intriguing visions of human vulnerability, our body language, and our universal desire to interact (and mentally connect) with others. The films are created by the Italian artists Luca Curci and Fabiana Roscioli.

Although Luca Curci is involved in many forms of art ( architecture, painting, video ). His short movies, like the ones I mentioned before, are definitely the most remarkable examples in his oeuvre. They are not only very intense, in both form and subject, they also provide nearly Jungian archetypes. Like he’s visualizing common, or universally shared, human concepts, like loneliness, or fear. And because he connects directly to these ‘shared’ feelings, his work needs little introduction to experience it, understand it.

Curci is also the founder of the Artexpo initiative, an international art group, organizing shows around the globe. Their common goal is to communicate trough art without boundaries, like religion, politics and geographical barriers. They currently have a membership of about 800 artists, curators and others people from the art field. The group is open for new members, so if you would like to participate in the project, visit the Artexpo website or contact Luca Curci directly.

The film stills in the gallery are taken from “Impossible Garden”, “Impossible Love” and “Impossible Language”.

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