Introvert world male art

Martin Toye is a erotic art photographer from Parana, Argentina. The images shown in this gallery are for an exhibit of his work called ‘Venus & Adonis’ in his hometown.

What’s remarkable in his work is the talent to display sensuality trough purity. His models are posed in a rather naked, clean surrounding with often a suggestion of abandoned buildings and porches with decaying walls. It gives the figures extra intensity and contrast. The models he uses are not the mainstream professional male nudes you see all over, but real characters. Some are older, larger, smaller, just like real people ;-) Especially when he uses older models there comes a depth in his work that is really personal and very beautiful in my humble opinion.

I think what also adds personality to the work is that he does not limits himself to only the usual sexual perspective but he plays with a broad range of views on sex. I don’t even think that the world sexual is always in place. I definitely think sensual is a better one.

The poses are sometimes subtile, sometimes a little dramatic, but always with a timeless feel. He creates an introvert world inside his images where the human figures are only by themselves. They life their sensual live inside the photographic space.

I think Martin Toye is one of the best Photographers out there and he really deserves a place in the artworld of today, not only in Argentina but all around the world.



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