Marvel Men

Inspired by the Marvel comic ‘superheroes’ photographer Raoul Josset created a series of colorful images of strong men in character poses. These action figures look just like there comic counterparts, only this time they are made of real flesh and blood and they don’t wear their tight outfits anymore.

Raoul Josset started experimenting with the camera at the age of 16. At the age of 24 he moved from Mexico to Montreal, Canada, to start his study in Photography there. He is now working as a professional photographer specialized in portraiture and architecture. Besides commercial work, like fashion photography, he creates erotic portraits, nudes and themed series, like the marvel one, with the male as his primary subject.

The stylization and bright coloring is giving his work a unique personal touch, he told me how this usage of color developed: “Maybe it’s because of my Mexican background but I have a strong inclination towards color, not being able to print in color at the time I found alternative ways, toning, hand coloring and both at the same time as in the image ‘Coming Out’. Later on, I equipped myself to print in color, which led me to explore that media as well.”


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