Motel shoot & Lingerie

In March I did a small writing up about the work of Samantha Wolov and every now an then I check her blog. Today I encountered two interesting things, a series of images of lingerie.

Just the cloth on a lightbox and some images from a Motel shoot session. Not the finished and polished work I showed from her before, but intriguing experiments.

The ‘heavy grain’ in the motel series, I’m not sure if its intended to be this pronounced, gives these images a lot of suspense. Like they were taken with the hidden camera, and you’re not supposed to witness the sexual encounter. I also like the sequence image of the loving couple, highly erotic and a nice approach of the ‘time’ element.

What happens if you display just the lingerie and leave the body out of it? Does it become just a formal playing with colors and textures? Is lingerie always drenched with eroticism? I’m still not sure, interesting idea though. It’s great that more and more artists are sharing their ideas, experiments and thoughts trough their blogs, often a nice look behind the scenes.

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