Muscle Men in 3D

An interview with 3D artist Alex Bronnings, about his art, his work process and his crush for nude men with big muscles.

How would you personally describe the nature of your art?
The Man is the center of my work. I’ve always loved big, strong men… It’s true that I have a (little ?) fetish for muscles… something I can’t hide. I always liked the fact that I could represent them in my drawings, and now in 3D. My work is a mix of several techniques : drawing, sculpting and photography. I never imagined 3D would be so great to work with. Now that I discovered it’s possibilities, I really don’t want to stop!

What artists, art periods, are an inspiration for your own work?
I was a big fan of comics when I was a kid and especially of John Byrne. I loved the way he drew men ( I really had a big crush on the Colossus character ). When I look back at those times, I have the feeling that I was surrounded by muscle men. They were just everywhere! The 80’s were a big change when it comes to how the media displayed men in general, it was the first time men became an erotic object publicly. And I totally fell into that ! From the X-men to He-man, Conan, Rambo… Later on I discovered Tom of Finland. Now that was a real chock for me, I loved his work. My latest discovery is the work of Bara Manga.

How did it all start?
Well, when I began my blog, I discovered Poser and it’s possibilities. But I had, and still have, to practice and find out how it works best for me. 3D modeling is fantastic, but rather complex as well. I taught myself to use the tools, like poser, by reading forums and the web. There’s still much to learn, how to morph, use clothing etc.. So for now I keep my men mostly naked.

Is it easy to find places to display your work?
I never looked for a places to show my work publicly before. But now that I’m starting to do it more professionally, I ‘m looking for opertunities to show my work. Maybe not exhibitions but images for magazines, etc… Well, I’ll see how it goes…

Any future plans you would like to share?
Well, the only thing I have to do now is finding more time to produce more images…. I’d love being able to create some kind of comic, telling a story with “my men” … But it’s a long process and I have to find a way to do it more quickly !

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