Raw paintings

Raw paintings of nude men soaked with sexual tension, Steven Corry’s erotic art is rather ‘heavy’, or maybe the term hardcore is fitting his work even better, in both subject and expression. Corry is one of those ‘real’ painters, capable of releasing his feelings directly on the canvas.

His paintings of nude men in the gallery are the more subtile, erotic ones, to keep things a little quiet, the more explicit stuff is on his own website for those who want to see the men in action.

Although it’s maybe hard to look at his work from a pure artistic point of view, the flesh is maybe to present, his play with composition, the directness and usage of the paint and his spontaneous technique is really excellent. His work is easily comparable to the expressionistic painters from the beginning of the past century, like Kees van Dongen and Emil Nolde, he only stays closer to realism. But that’s only logical to give his work the erotic, sensual, touch it needs.

The nude men of Steven Corry


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