Real Men always do it better

This artist’s intense exploration of the psyche is brute, fragile and beautiful at the same time. He uses ‘general’ icons, like the crucifix or the gun, and mixes them with personal poems, lustful fragments and gallons of shattered blood. The art of Gavin North is quite something, an image of a man haunted by his own demons, but the haunted One transforms, captures and recreates this darkness in an amazing collection of images.

His work appears in different styles and is not limited to one artistic concept. Often the lack of one style is explained as a disbelieving in ones own creative path. Somehow, in North’s work it feels logical, you feel like browsing trough an endless array of ideas and thoughts, partial memories and unfinished dreams.

His self-portraits are impressive, a confronting play with stereotypical references and engaging poses. My personal favorite is the ‘Real Men always do it better’ image, an androgyne portrait with a simple text on lace.

The online Gallery of Gavin North


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