Streaming world

A lot of the computer manipulated photo’s out there are just a set of predefined Photoshop filters used to give an image a misplaced personal artistic touch. I had to get it out of my system before we get to Daniel’s work. I think I will stand on some toes now, I’s just my opinion for what it’s worth :-)

That the digital toolset in capable hands can make masterpieces is displayed in the works of Daniel Skramesto. He starts with porn images collected from free websites. And starts shaping them, transforming them until it becomes a surreal erotic world. The original pictures are not recognizable anymore, besides some parts of the main models.

To me it appears as an streaming world, were all the warmth of the flesh flows. From one model to another, from the model to it’s surroundings. I think it’s a good choice to use the same texture and color in the background and the model. It really contributes to the endless flow.

One question Daniel mentioned on his website was, is the work typically gay? Well this discussion will be ongoing I think. Some visitors from The Art of Love mentioned, why are you making a Gay section? Is all male nudity gay? This question pops up when I look at this work. I think this work could be labelled “gay”. But I can also imagine woman may find it attractive as well. Is all male nudity gay, no sure it isn’t. Think of the thousands of visitors admiring the naked David from our old grandmaster Michelangelo. Are they gay, I guess not. Was Michelangelo gay, Yes I think so ;-) Gets kind of confusing. Personally I would like to see his digital hands on some beautiful woman as well hehe…

Artist background:

Daniel Skramesto is Portuguese and born in 1973. He lives and works in Lisbon and is working as a web designer. He makes his art work in his spare time. He also writes, one novel is published.

A small quote:” Sex is a basic thing in human life, an activity as natural as eating and sleeping, and it is beautiful. I have felt so repressed for most of my life that maybe this artwork is a small “rebel yell”.

More erotic art on the Artist website


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