Studs in white briefs, the simplicity of Mike Stead

The work of Mike Stead looks rather easy and naïf at first, solid backgrounds, direct lines and an overall compositional simplicity. But underneath this simple visual concept is a world of passion, lust and sentiment to explore. Erotic images from a passionate artist, eager to share his sensual ideas with the rest of the world.

kissing and lovemaking males
The art of Stead is not something for everyone, some will think it’s just to decorative, or it lacks refinement. Personally I think the ‘raw edges’ are rather appealing and supplementing his direct drawing style. Most of his work is clearly gay orientated, kissing and lovemaking males are all over the place, besides studs posing in white briefs. He also has a girl section on his website, but these images don’t have the sexual tension that’s present in his male works, nice drawings though.

The artists statement:
I am an artist living and working in London. I was spent my childhood living in various places like Germany, Hong Kong and Thailand. This upbringing has given me a unique vision of the world which I infuse into my work. My work has compositional simplicity that has a complicated sentimental narrative. With my work I invite the viewer on a journey to catharsis. The main element of auto-biography gives the audience a voyeuristic participation. I illustrate my psyche and emotions onto the canvas with most of my characters being naked to amplify the intimacy I want with my audience.

The website of Mike Stead


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