The Erotic Art of Alexandra

There is a type of attraction which is all about noticing the details of something- appreciating every small nuance and intricate piece. Such for me, is the erotic art of Alexandra.

Each stipple of the pen, each tiny swirl or delicate curl builds into the long standing classic of erotic allusion- the female flower. When you look at Alexandra’s renditions of delicate layers and folds in stark black and white, it is clear why the relationship exists. There is something intriguing about the mixture of the chaos and randomness of the individual petals and stamens with the overwhelming pull and focus of the dark center.

Alexandra’s interest in the feminine is also expressed in her exploration of the stylized female figures she draws. Using similar curves and swirls as well as the intricate and delicate detail work, she portrays figures which are dark and slightly mysterious. I find that I’m really drawn to her work- not just in the subject matter, but also in the amount of care, detail, and thought put in to each piece. I look forward to future explorations from Alexandra.

Article by Kayla

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