The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex

The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex, an interview with one of the game designers at Artmunk Games involved in the creation of this title.

An ambitious name for a game, what’s the Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex (VES) all about?
Yes, the name is an ambitious one for sure, but suitable. We didn’t want to make just an other sex game, we wanted to create something with more depth. In the end VES is still a game, where you can do things like in similar titles, create characters, control the sex, use your timing, get rewards etc… However, on top of this you can also learn about sex while you play the game. But we’re surely not “forcing” this learning part when you play VES, it’s something you can explore when you ( and your partner ) are up for it. If you are already a “sex expert” you can just enjoy the game and the sex on display.

And the Sex Encyclopedia part?
The game covers an abundant amount of sex positions, from the most basic ones like the “Missionary Position” towards potions that are rather exotic, like the “Wheelbarrow” or “Man Bridge”. All these positions & techniques are based on the latest research by authorities like Dr. Jamye Waxman, who was involved with the creation of the game from the start. She also provided the spoken instructions and texts for the game. The term “Encyclopedia” is not just a hollow phrase here, there is really a wealth of information to be found and it covers most sex positions that are humanly possible.

Who should buy this title?
People who are interested in sex and want to explore & learn new things! I know thats pretty broad… But seriously, I think VES can be played for many reasons. Someone who wants to enjoy some ( virtual ) sex can find some nifty stuff in VES, couples can use it as foreplay or a source of inspiration and in general anyone that wants to improve their sex IQ. VES is also a game you don’t need or want to hide from your partner! We made sure both the female and male characters are attractive and that the sex is pleasing for both sides.

Tell us some more about the gameplay of VES.
The goal of the gameplay in VES is to explore new sex positions, you can do this by using the achievement system ( small tasks or goals with a reward attached ) or/and by timing your sexual activity correctly. If you time your actions right and your couple reaches an orgasm, a new sex position is unlocked.

Are there real orgasms in VES?
Yes there are.

Do I need a beefy computer to run the game?
No, VES is designed to run on a wide range of windows machines and for MAC OS. Check the website for the minimum system specifications.

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