Velvet Express Screenshots!

The Velvet Express is entering it’s final stage of development, most parts of the game are finished and the game is currently tested on a wide array of configurations. The combination of animation and realtime physics proved to be a good choice.

You really have the feeling of flesh bouncing on flesh, and movement is far less repetitive then it is in similar games. Tweaking this physics engine was sometimes a pain, but in the end it’s worth the effort. We really think it’s the way to progress in erotic games like this, realism is not just something you get from looks, but above all from movement & animation.

Velvet currently has about 58 different sex positions, ranging from the “good old” missionary position, girl on top, to a more wicked variant like Airborne. Creating these positions was a lot of fun. The good thing of using computer models and not real actors are the endless possibilities! We usually tried to stay quite close to whats possible for real, but sometimes you just have to go beyond that. Some positions aren’t possible with real humans without having them visit the doctor afterwards.

The Velvet Express website

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