Cunt Flowers

Fantasies and dreams exposed, images full of contradictions, shocking, brute and tender. An ultimate exploration of our sexual borders packed in endless series of confusing images. Let me introduce this surreal master responsible for messing up my head, the artist Alva Bernadine.

He grabs known concepts, recognizable situations, and transforms them into confronting images, suddenly our fears, our lust and desires are staring back at us. His work is almost an collective depot of the man’s sexual overdrive. But what’s really remarkable, well one of the endless remarkable things my eyes have to feast on, is that a lot of his images are not only shocking and explicit, they are also damn beautiful, from an artistic, aesthetical, point of view.

Take the Cunt Flower series for example, I could use the word vagina but I didn’t give the artwork it’s name so I’m excused. We all know the concept of the comparison between a cunt and a flower, right? This idea is used by Bernadine, but he multiplies it in to an anonymous structure of flowers and cunts, from a sexual object the woman’s cunt becomes just a meaningless beautiful shape. I could go on talking about his images for quite some time, but I guess you have to take the journey yourself, be shocked, have a good laugh and just dive in. The main website of Alva Bernadine

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