Digital Art of Lombergar

The digital art I have selected from the Slovenian artist Domen Lombergar is primarily about two topics. The female nude and transformations. The nudes are photographic images and the transformations are digitally added afterwards.

Digital art & real paint

Digital image manipulation with programs like Photoshop are making it possible to adjust photos in a very detailed way. The endless toolboxes and layers, these programs are providing, are giving the artist unlimited possibilities to make hyper-realistic images without the laws of the real world. When it comes to digital art created with these techniques they generally have one problem. The lack of spontaneity. A part of the problem can be solved by using textures and other images as half transparent layers over the main image. But it’s still nothing compared to the own life that real paint sometimes seem to have. I usually call this spontaneous parts of the creating process, visual gifts. But hey, I’m really getting to deep in this artsy stuff talking about paint. And when I think of my own work that’s totally created on the computer, and I do love Photoshop to work with, it seems like a rather empty statement. But Maybe because I work with the toolboxes of PS all the time myself I know where it’s weakness is. Or I’m just being sentimentel about the time I was still a real painter and not a digital one.

What I like about the images of Lomberger is that he proves to me that digital art not always has a lack spontaneity. It’s even one of the strong points of his art. And it just gives the images the personal touch it needs. The second strength of his art is the depth of the story he’s telling us. Sometimes with a decent dose of humor as well. One of the most intense transformations is the Daphne image, where the nude female is transforming out of a tree. A beautiful expression in the body and the texture has such a marvelous complexity and richness that it’s nearly the quality of real paint, not digital one. Just take the time to explore the digital art of Domen Lombergar it’s really worth it.

The website of the Digital artist Lombergar

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