Fantasy Art & Fetish of Brom

The art of Brom is best to described as dark heroic fantasy art. His oeuvre is primarily focused on fantasy scene’s and fantasy characters with some gothic influences. His ‘general’ work is not intended to be erotic or sexual at first, but in most of his art there is a strong sensual or erotic layer visible. This erotic aspect has it’s own place as well in his Fetish art called ‘Stinks of Fetish’.

Beautiful dark fantasy art

These Stinks of fetish images are a strange mixture of fetish, like latex suits and rubber masks, and his typical fantasy drawing style. In a way they seem to be just an extension of his other work, only the erotic part is playing a bigger role. They have the same dark play with blood, horror and death and a stunning technical perfection.

When your a fan of fantasy art or fantasy games your probably already an admirer of Brom’s work, even if you didn’t hear his name before. He is one of those artists that helped created the ‘typical’ fantasy art style we know from Role playing games like TSR’s Dark Sun Wold and White wolf. But he also worked on computer games like doom 2, Diablo 2 nd Heretic and movies like Sleepy Hollow and Scooby Doo.

I would encourage you to explore his beautiful dark fantasy art on his website, there are definitely some masterpieces on display.

The Art of Brom on his website

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