Gothic Girls

The work of the artist Roberto Segate is all about Gothic Girls , erotic horror and a fetish for blood and vampires. His Gothic art contains photography and lots of complex digital manipulated images. The fascination of the Gothic scene with death, vampires and mystical elements are still a vital inspiration for a lot of erotic artists.

The Gothic lifestyle

Some of the artists are involved with this lifestyle themselves, others are watching this dramatical phenomena from a distance. The Gothic lifestyle is not only saturated with darkness but also with sensuality, sexuality and beauty. Personal sexual expression plays an important role in the whole dressing up thing, the medieval costumes and corsets are just a small example of this, the creativity involved to achieve their personal expression is nearly endless.

Textures, and multiple layering are giving Segate’s Gothic Girls an aged, not the girls but the images :-), appearance. It also gives the images the mystical atmosphere so typical for the Gothic scene, with some blood here and there to give it the right dark touch. His artistic concept works very well, I especially like the ‘duo’ portraits where two girls are engaged in a dark play. In these images the whole Gothic thing is bundled, with some marvelous erotic suspense added.

The Gothic Girls of Roberto Segate

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