Macabre Sensual Beauty

Beautiful nude women emerging from the cold bones of death. Strange statues with naked breasts standing on top of the world. Rooted in both the new media and the richness of the art tradition, the digital erotic art of Francesco D’Isa is amazing and of an unreal, sometimes macabre beauty.

The digital erotic art of Francesco D’Isa has a very modern appearance but in fact it has it’s foundation in a wide array of traditions. Especially the used techniques, digital media in combination with photography, are responsible for the modern feel of his art. But if you take a closer look you will recognize the classical poses of the figures, no matter how deformed they are.

An other mayor inspiration in his work, both the digital art and the drawings, is the Jugendstil or Art Nouveau. Not only the mayor role for the sensual line, the organic shape and decorative structures are an incarnation of this style period, but the subjects are as well. The young sensual female nude, the aging process, from birth to death, and the general relation with nature and it’s beauty. Al these aspects are reflected in the work of Francesco D’Isa.

I have to be careful not to make this a huge list with related art style’s, or artists, but there are still two influences left that have to be mentioned. First Surrealism, this relation is quite obvious. The unreal naturalism, symbolic references and so on. And last but not least the dark art of H.R. Giger. Especially in the early work of Francesco D’Isa there is a significant relation. The baby images and the bound nude female figures are icon’s Gigger used a lot.

Does this whole background mean I consider the work of D’Isa some kind of plagiarism? No, not at all, lets set this straight first. I think of his work as very original. I really think that seeing the whole art, both contemporary and historical, as a basket of ideas. A set of icons yours to use, to recreate and to communicate as one of the best effort of the Post-modern culture. And Francesco D’Isa is using them in the best possible way with the endless possibilities the digital media is providing.

The website of Francesco D’Isa

The Dark art of Giger

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