Sex without limitations : A.B. Lust

Colorful images of women having sex with fantasy monsters, robots or very disturbing flora, welcome to a strange erotic world, created by A.B. Lust. The artists nickname doesn’t reveal much, he uses many different names for his projects.

In this collection the artist imagination is on the loose, there are no borders, and the act of sex has no limitations. His work is clearly inspired by Japanese Manga and Anime drawings. But there are other influences as well, mainly from comic and dark fantasy artists, like H.R. Giger. His drawing style is fresh, with contrasting colors and a touch of airbrush, that gives his work that soft comic look. This lighhearted style, takes away some of the roughness that’s actually displayed in his images.

A.B. Lust about his work: “images may cause viewers to reconsider previously accepted ideas of pain an pleasure. Symptoms may include heart flutters, stiffness or wetness between the thighs, and general sexual arousal.” and “It’s the Universe, totally recreated under sexy and imaginative laws. Fantasies in freedom, there is no limit for imagination”.

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