Sexual Art

When it comes to erotic fantasy art there are two names that are almost synonymous for the genre, Sagemonn and Karynna. They are creating a whole arena of erotic fantasy art, from real statues to rendered animations. They have recently updated their website and it feels like entering a bizarre sexual fantasy world. A world full of beautiful and horrifying creatures, engaged in sexual encounters.

While Sagemonn creates the hardcore side of their realm, Karynna is involved with the more erotic fantasy art. Trying not to be to much of a generalist here, but I think the work of Karynna is more feminine, more sensual. Personally, in general, I really like drawings and sketches more then finished artworks. The quick line, the suggesting shade and of course the handwriting of the artist at it’s purest. A rather innocent personal disorder I guess.

I was happily surprised that Karynna provides a large section of drawings on the ErosZona chapter of Pornotopia. They show marvelous drawings of nude fantasy creatures, like mermaids and faeries. And I love the direct cortoonish style she uses to visualize her ideas. Anyway, enjoy these nice erotic fantasy art drawings and if your think of them as a little to soft and subtile for your eyes, just take a look at the Pornotopia gallery that was on The Art of Love some time ago.More erotic fantasy art of Karynna at ErosZona

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