Sweet Dreams

The images of Spiral Studio are sensual stories of a woman captured in her own dreams. She can be the perfect innocent girl, surrounded by memories from her past. But Sweet dreams are just a part of her surreal life. She can also transform herself into the redheaded prostitute, lying on the floor, waiting for her client.

The art of Spiral Studio is a strange mixture of erotic memories, elements from the past and a surreal ‘dreamy’ atmosphere. The combination of these elements are giving the work a rather unique flavor. The complexity of the images is encouraging the viewer to explore, to reflect and to continue the story he is starting ourselves.

The Dream, emotions and the dramatical
Besides being a storyteller, Spiral Studio is at heart a romantic. And I mean not only in the typical ‘rose garden’ romantic kind a way. But romantic in the way of dreaming, emotions and the dramatical. More like the folks used the concept in the nineteenth century, like the music of Wagner and the paintings of William Blake. My personal favorite is the image called ‘Sarahs Electric Circus’, the one with the redheaded woman on the black and white floor, caught in a day dream. Ok, now you all think I’m a voyeur, but heck this image is so marvelous, has so many layers, I just keep looking at it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the art of Spiral Studio, and after exploring them, have sweet dreams :-)

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